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Manuscript Submission and Peer Review

Manuscript submission guidelines

The manuscripts submitted should conform with the «Uniform requirements for manuscripts submitted to biomedical journals»

Types of publication and their volume

The Journal publishes original articles, reviews, short communications on vital problems of allergology, immunology and immunopathology presented by Members of the CIS Union of Allergology and Immunology.

The section Letters to the Editor publishes materials containing important results demanding urgent publication. The section Chronicle includes materials on Symposia and Conferences. The section Reviews publishes reviews on books and other materials which are of interest to the Journal readers.

The main type of publication is original article. The volume of the article with tables and references should not exceed 30,000 symbols (approximately 16 pages of double-spaced text) and 6 figures.

The maximum volume if the review is 35000 symbols (approximately 20 pages of double-spaced text).

Manuscript Design

Two hard copies of the article manuscript should be sent to the Editor’s printed by laser printer as double-spaced text.

Delivery address:

Editorial Office, Allergology and Immunology Journal
CIS Society of Allergology and Immunology
4, Ostrovityanova Street, Build. 3, 117513 Moscow, Russia

The text of the article should also be sent by e-mail at info@wipocis.org .

The first page includes:

              The title of the article

              The initials and names of the authors’

              Affiliations of the authors


The name of the corresponding author (full postal address, home and work phone numbers, fax, e-mail address

              Abstract of the article in Russian

              Key words (no more than 8) in Russian

The second page includes the abstract of the article, its title, authors’ names with affiliations and key words in English.

Original articles are to contain the following sections:


              “Materials and Methods”

              “Results and Discussion”



Abbreviations should be used sparingly and always given in full at the first mention.

Tables, figures, other illustrations are not included in the text of the article but are presented on separate pages. Tables and figures are numerated according to the order they appear in the text. Their places in the article are to be indicated on the margins of the manuscript.

All illustrations are presented in two copies.

On the back side of the figure or table the number of the figure or table, the name of the first author and the title of the article are noted in pencil. The inscriptions to the figures are typed after the text of the article. First is given the general inscription to the figure, then decoding of figure or letter indications.

The Journal publishes only black and white figures and photographs. Low resolution photographic figures are not allowed.

The list of references should be composed in alphabetical order (first, papers and books published in Russian, then those published in other languages. Not published papers are not allowed. The reference to the article in press is possible only on the assumption that it is approved for publication. In the text in brackets should be given the reference to the record number in the reference list. For journal articles all authors are indicated, the title of the article, abbreviated title of the journal, volume, page, publication date

Slavyanskaya T.A. “Strategy of immunorehabilitation in rheumatoid arthritis patients.” Int. J. Immuno­rehabilitation 15 (1): 27–31, 2013.

Kukakov I.I. “Cytomegaloviral infection and AIDS.” (Moscow: Meditsina) 352 p., 1997.

For the typesetting Microsoft Word for Windows can be used. All text of the manuscript is formed as the one file, named by the first author with the exception of tables and figures. Each of them is presented as a separate file. While text type the authors are asked to use the least number of types, apply strict ends of lines only for the end of indention, not to use hyphen and special styles, templates and macroses.

In Electronic version both scanned (high resolution) and drawn on the computer black and white illustrations are accepted. For half-tone photographs and line drawings TIF or GIF are desirable.

The hard copy and the electronic version should be absolutely identical. In attached note the content of all files, their formats, coding of all special symbols etc. should be explained.

The articles published before or assigned to other journals or collections can’t be sent.

The manuscripts not corresponding to the noted rules are returned to the authors without consideration.


Peer review and acceptance for publication

Every submitted materials published in the Journal is peer reviewed. The peer review is confidential. The peer reviewed process is closed and is given to the author upon his written request without a signature and the name, position and affiliation of the reviewer. If the review contains recommendations on the revision of the manuscript the text id sent to the author with the suggestion to take them into account while preparing new variant of the manuscript.

Positive review is not sufficient  that the manuscript is published. Final decision concerning the advisability of publication is madevby the Editorial Board of the Journal.


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